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About Us

                        RETHINKING HOW TO BUILD, LIVE & WORK



StaySafe Building Technology helps to build sustainable infrastructure by partnering with consultants, engineers, architects, manufacturers, and experienced minority and women-owned contractors to meet the needs of any size project on time and at a lower cost.

Inspired by the recent passage of the infrastructure bill and a shift toward a more remote work lifestyle, StaySafe Building Technology continues to focus on forming strategic alliances with Transformative Businesses seeking high-growth opportunities.

Finding well-rounded Teaming Partners that provide extensive skill sets, is proving to be a good investment for StafeSafe Investors.

By forming strategic alliances with manufacturers, engineers, and construction companies that embrace new technology, we can leverage our experience in internet marketing and financing to keep operating costs as low as possible.

Our 21st-century approach to business and our willingness to think outside the box gives us the keen awareness needed to find the latest technology available in the market.


StaySafe Building Technology, along with our teaming partners, is building state-of-the-art products in a wide range of applications.

Collaborating with Teaming Partners we often buy access to IP that fits our business model, and profit from sharing our own

Our value-add platform allows contractors, engineers, and client representatives to work together under an organized format that outlines parameters for how various stakeholders will combine efforts, and enhance relationships among architects, engineers, contractors, and clients from many sectors and geographic areas to build sustainable projects worldwide, using advanced technology, equipment, and materials.  And we follow strict quality control measures to ensure the excellence of the final product.

 Our Teaming Partner Strategy

We form strategic alliances with architects, engineers, manufacturers, general contractors, and technology and services integrators in the defense, construction, and government services industry to build sustainable projects worldwide.

We believe that the business world is evolving from an era of competition to an era of collaboration.  Our Teaming Partner Model is representative of a collaborative IPO for small businesses and is indicative of a mindset that focuses on better solutions. 

As entrepreneurs, we trust our Teaming Partners to do what is right to add value to clients and shareholders.  It is our belief that you get better results when entrepreneurs have control, rather than a centralized command and control strategy. 

When Teaming Partners trust each other, it allows us to move fast and make quick decisions.  Our competitive advantage over big corporations is our ability to make quick decisions and act on them. 

 We offer business owners a solution that few others can; a platform to scale and the autonomy to build a company in the way they feel is best for their growth. 

Who We Are

StaySafe Building Technology employs proven professionals with construction, military, real estate, and finance experience. We bring decades of experience to any project, municipal or commercial.

Kyle Meyer

Chief Executive Officer

Kyle has over 45 years of business and entrepreneurial experience, most recently as the Founder/CEO of StaySafe Concrete Products Inc. and Founder/Managing Director of OpenSource Capital, LLC.  StaySafe Concrete Products specialize in building relationships with Teaming Partners to provide municipalities and private sector developers state-of-the art products and a wide range of applications that can be used in support of building and repairing seaports, highways, bridges, dams, tunnels, airports, commercial and residential modular buildings, using innovative low impact, sustainable and protective materials. OpenSource Capital specializes in structuring Joint Ventures and SEC Regulation D506(c) Private Offering for real estate development projects. Kyle graduated from American University holding a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration, with a concentration in Real Estate Finance and Urban Development.

Brett Meisenheimer

EVP and Director of Operations

Over the last thirty-five years Brett has worked with manufacturers, architects, engineers, and local building officials getting products approved, and in many cases, acquiring territorial exclusivity contracts with new products. He graduated from University of Arizona with a Bachelor of Science in Marketing and Management.

Major General Yves Fontaine

Consultant for Strategic Planning, Business Development, and Liaison for Federal and Commercial Markets

Major General (Ret.) Yves Fontaine entered the United States Army after graduation from LaSalle University in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania with a Bachelor of Science degree in Management. He spent the 36 years serving his country as a logistics officer. Upon retirement from active military service, he established Fontaine Consulting, LLC as a Service-Disabled Veteran Owned Small Business (SDVOSB) headquartered in Rock Island, Illinois where he and his company maintain an excellent relationship with the Army’s Rock Island Arsenal and the local community.

Roger Heymann, CPA

Chief Financial Officer

Roger has over 45 years of demonstrated history working with entrepreneurs in tax, business and strategic planning and accounting. He is the founder of Heymann, Suissa, and Stone, PA in Rockville, Maryland. Roger is a member of AICPA, AICPA tax, nonprofit, financial planning sections and Forensic Section.


If you would like to partner with StaySafe Building Technology on our next project, call us today 954-650-6798