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coastal construction

We are designing building for coastal areas.  If you are looking for a luxury villa, a floating Villa, or an entire floating city, our Eco-Friendly Homes with raised foundations and 180 mph hurricane-rated wind-resistant Steel frame buildings can give you over 75 years of low maintenance off-the-grid living.

By developing floating residences in ultra luxury resort properties, we have created an attractive offering for those in the ultra luxury real estate market to be able to call our floating villas with five-star services and amenities, home. Now resort real estate can all but be considered an heirloom with its own rich history and legacies embedded in the experience. By offering luxury property for sale within resorts, we are expanding the idea of home and the inspiration that can be found there.

A StaySafe off-the-grid home is a comprehensive housing solution for both domestic and international markets when severe weather is a concern.

The cornerstone of a StaySafe Home is the comprehensive use of ProCrete High Performing Concrete for the foundation, and steel framing with concrete cladding for the walls and hurricane windows and doors,  all shipped to the building site and installed by experienced craftsmen.