high performance concrete

StaySafe’s High Performance Concrete Mix incorporates the latest in technology to revolutionize what we can do with concrete.

Strength, sustainability & quality

We custom mix our concrete to match the specifications of individual projects, ensuring that you get the highest quality product each and every time.

Why is StaySafe Concrete Mix different than ordinary concrete?

StaySafe Concrete Mix is actually very similar to traditional concrete in terms of the materials used to make it. However our concrete has integrated fibers added to the concrete mix. The fibers vary from recycled carbon, basalt and stainless steel. Each of these integrated fibers create a progressively stronger end product, with stainless steel delivering the greatest gains in strength.

Our concrete provides compressive strength which is significantly higher than traditional concrete. The mix has a compressive strength of more than 12,000 with an ASTM C1856/C39 – 28-day Compressive Strength Test. When compared to traditional concrete (2,500 to 5,000 psi) the difference is clear. Additionally, our concrete exhibits a vastly increased tensile strength versus that of traditional concrete and for a price that is considerately lower than other steel fiber UHPC concrete.

 StaySafe Concrete Mix 12 Technical Data

Benefits of High Performing Concrete

Long Useful Life

Water Resistant

Superior Strength

Lighter Weight

Impact Resistant



While UHPC’s high performing concrete might seem more expensive when compared to traditional concrete, it has a lower lifetime cost.  Less material is required for construction projects, resulting in a shorter building cycle and lower gross weight. This saves money and reduces the size and complexity of footing and support requirements.

Construction can also be completed more quickly with prefabricated elements, delivering cost savings in several areas of construction. The extended longevity of UHPC concrete virtually eliminates maintenance costs and drastically extends the life of the product. When the cost of UHPC’s concrete is spread out across the life of the project, it has extensive cost benefits over standard concrete.

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