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Employment and training Opportunities

StaySafe Building Technology, collectively with our Teaming Partners, designs, manufactures, and installs building products and solutions that protect lives, create jobs, and provide local business opportunities.  It is our mission to help train and hire workers and to show them a clear pathway to increase their skills and their income.

We also can provide the training and engineering assistance to small companies wanting to install StaySafe products anywhere in the world and can help them achieve their long-term business growth.

JOBS training, and minority contractor development program

In the US, the Bipartisan Infrastructure Law (BIL) provides a “once-in-a-generation” investment of $350 billion for highways, roads, bridges, and other projects.3 Further recent legislation in the US—such as the CHIPS and Science Act and Inflation Reduction Act—which seek to spur the construction of domestic manufacturing capacity in numerous industries, adds significant stimulus as well.

As a result, many projects are lined up, but finding skilled workers for them could represent a key constraint, thus driving up costs and causing delays. In 2020, 83% of US contractors reported having difficulty finding skilled workers.  During 2023, the construction workforce shortage is expected to exceed half a million workers.5 McKinsey estimates the BIL alone will spur the creation of 300,000 jobs across the construction value chain over the next few years.  Further compounding difficulties is that one-quarter of the construction workforce in the US is aged 55 and higher and soon will retire. Newer workers filling the ranks are unlikely to soon match the skills and productivity of this cohort.

StaySafe and its Teaming Partners are offering training programs that support the growth of minority contractors by targeting infrastructure projects in the US.  We are developing a comprehensive nationwide program to train employees and support minority and women-owned businesses by leveraging the skillsets of our Managers and Teaming Partners to help them win construction contracts.

  1. Description of our job training and entrepreneurial programs:  Our curriculum is focus on programs tailored to workers wanting to learn the skills necessary to (1) manufacture and erect cold-formed steel frame buildings, using various types of interior and exterior sheathing, and pre-casted foundations,
  2. (2) install EV Charging  Stations, (3) build and repair seawalls, roads, and concrete buildings (4) electrical and plumbing skills necessary to work alongside with licensed contractors  (5) 18 wheel truck driver training
  3. SBT and its Jobs Training Partner work with other talented entrepreneurs, manufacturers, and consultants that can help: (a) train workers on site, (b) source and develop new construction products, (c) hire graduates and (d) respond to new technologies, and scale operations when necessary to address special situations in various public and private sectors.

For more information contact:  Kyle Meyer  [email protected]