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Empowering Native American Reservations: Unleash Your Entrepreneurial Potential with Crowdfunding, Grant Funding, and Industry Partnerships

Dear Members of Native American Reservations,

We extend our warmest greetings and respect to the vibrant communities of Native American Reservations. As an organization committed to fostering economic growth and empowering entrepreneurs, we are delighted to offer a comprehensive program designed to support and nurture your entrepreneurial aspirations.

Our goal is to help you unleash your potential and achieve sustainable prosperity through three essential pillars of support: Crowdfunding, Grant Funding, and Industry Specialist Joint Venture (JV) Partnerships.

Crowdfunding: Embrace the Strength of Community Support
We believe in the power of your close-knit communities. Crowdfunding allows you to harness that strength and rally support from your fellow tribe members, allies, and other individuals who share a passion for preserving Native American culture and promoting economic growth.

Our experienced team will guide you in creating compelling crowdfunding campaigns that authentically reflect your cultural heritage, values, and business vision. By engaging your community and beyond, you can raise the capital needed to transform your entrepreneurial dreams into reality.

Grant Funding: Empower Your Economic Vision
Access to financial resources is vital for sustainable economic growth. We are committed to assisting you in navigating the grant application process effectively. Our experts will work closely with you to identify relevant grants that align with your business goals, providing the necessary guidance and support to strengthen your proposals.

Whether you are starting a new venture or expanding existing enterprises, our aim is to see your projects flourish, creating positive impacts on your reservation and beyond.

Industry Specialist JV Partnerships: Forge Pathways to Success
Success often thrives through strategic partnerships. Our network of accomplished industry specialists is eager to collaborate with Native American entrepreneurs on your reservation. By forming Joint Venture (JV) partnerships, you gain access to valuable expertise, resources, and new markets, fueling the growth of your businesses.

We value the heritage, traditions, and unique perspectives within your community. These attributes serve as wellsprings of inspiration and strength that can drive innovation and prosperity in today’s business landscape.

Let’s embark on a shared journey of economic growth and empowerment, where tradition meets innovation. Together, we can build a future that celebrates the spirit of Native American Reservations while fostering entrepreneurial excellence.

Please feel free to reach out to us for any inquiries or to express your interest in our program. We eagerly await the opportunity to support you in achieving your entrepreneurial dreams.


  • Grants are an indispensable component of capital for Native entrepreneurs, particularly when combined with other forms of investment.

  • Due to chronic underinvestment by philanthropy and other sources, Native enterprises have consistently struggled with inadequate capital. As a result, grants play a vital role in Indian Country, serving both as a capital sources and as catalytic capital for other investment.

  • Grants can  provide funding for essential aspects such as capacity building, infrastructure development, salaries, office rent, technology, marketing, networking, and strategic planning.

  • Grants help Native enterprises reach a stage of readiness for larger investments. Moreover, grants play a crucial role in making capital stacks feasible in situations where Native entrepreneurs must overcome systemic inequities to grow their businesses. Our research has revealed that grants are foundational to raising capital in Indian Country.

  • Our approach helps native American entrepreneurs align grants with other integrated capital strategies, particularly crowdfunding capital strategies, that recognize that each capital outflow should have both financial and impact returns. It is acceptable that financial returns can be lower when balanced with a non-monetary return on investment, such as social impact. The return rate is determined based on what the entrepreneur or community receiving the capital requires and desires, rather than being solely driven by the preferences of the capital steward. By internally blending a financing, the capital steward can achieve their financial goals while also providing capital to the Native entrepreneur, resulting in a true “win-win” situation.