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Investment banks are becoming technology firms in disguise

With our help and expertise clients can bypass investment bank fees and accelerate the process of executing a successful capital raise. So whether you need capital to expand your business or raise project financing, we can help you to raise money from thousands of investors. 

Traditionally, infrastructure investments have been financed with public funds. Governments were the main actor in this field, given the inherent public good nature of infrastructure and the positive externalities often generated by such facilities. However, public deficits, increased public debt to GDP ratios and, at times, the inability of the public sector to deliver efficient investment spending, have in many economies led to a reduction in the level of public funds allocated to infrastructure.

In addition, Banks have traditionally been providers of infrastructure loans. Efforts are underway to develop new financial instruments and techniques for infrastructure finance. These efforts appear to be having some success. Data indicates, for example, that developments in the equity market for investments in infrastructure are promising and that the creation of a liquid market for project bonds can be a good complement to syndicated loans for project finance. Done properly, the securitization of bank loans could help support lending and diversify risks, while also assisting in the development of transparent capital market instruments. Many investors nonetheless perceive a lack of appropriate financing structures. Only the largest investors have the capacity to invest directly in infrastructure projects. Smaller pension funds in particular require pooled investment vehicles.

As a consequence, it is increasingly acknowledged that alternative sources of financing are needed to support infrastructure development.

In this context, we are developing a capital channel that is market-based using crowdfunding as the regulatory framework for contractors needing preconstruction or project financing.

Regulation CF

What is Regulation CF?

Regulation Crowdfunding, also known as Reg CF, offers an exemption from the registration requirements for securities crowdfunding. Through Reg CF, companies can offer and sell securities up to $5 million without having to register its offering with the SEC. This Regulation offers vast opportunities for start-ups and small businesses to raise capital. Regulation CF allows anyone from the general public to make an investment. Investing under Regulation CF can be risky and investors can lose their entire investment. As such, the SEC has limited the amount one can invest, which is dependent upon one’s net worth and annual income.

​Specific Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) regulations exist for companies hoping to carry out securities offers through crowdfunding. According to Regulation Crowdfunding, a company must register with the SEC before making any offer or sale of security, unless said company is exempt.

​The Securities Act of 1933 required registration of any offer and sale of securities, absent an available and applicable exemption from registration. The Jumpstart Our Business Startups Act enacted in 2012 loosened some regulations regarding the offer and sale of private securities. In particular, Securities Act Section 4(a)(6) of the JOBS Act allows certain crowdfunding transactions exemption from registration. In 2015, the Commission adopted Regulation Crowdfunding, which allowed eligible companies to raise funds via Regulation Crowdfunding beginning May 2016.

Rule 506 (c) of Regulation D

Regulation D Rule 506 (c) provides a distinct exemption from registration for companies when they offer and sell securities. Companies relying on the Rule 506 (c) exemption can raise an unlimited amount of money.

Under Rule 506(c), a company can broadly solicit and generally advertise the offering and still be deemed to be in compliance with the exemption’s requirements if:

  • The investors in the offering are all accredited investors; and
  • The company takes reasonable steps to verify that the investors are accredited investors, which could include reviewing documentation, such as W-2s, tax returns, bank and brokerage statements, credit reports and the like.

Purchasers of securities offered pursuant to Rule 506 receive “restricted” securities, meaning that the securities cannot be sold for at least six months or a year without registering them.

Companies that comply with the requirements of Rule 506(b) or (c) do not have to register their offering of securities with the SEC, but they must file what is known as a “Form D” electronically with the SEC after they first sell their securities. Form D is a brief notice that includes the names and addresses of the company’s promoters, executive officers and directors, and some details about the offering, but contains little other information about the company.  You can access the SEC’s EDGAR database to determine whether the company has filed a Form D.

Brief introduction to StaySafe Project Financing with smart Tokens

The concept behind StaySafe Project Financing Tokens is to design Smart Tokens for products and projects that people with a passion to invest in sustainable assets will be able to diversify their investments within a portfolio of projects and be able to easily trade the tokens on an approved blockchain.  In light of the challenges of the current economic climate, investors are selecting assets which are not correlated to the stock or bond markets.  Hence, StaySafe Project Financing Tokens have set the goal of developing an eco-friendly financial market that is accessible to everyone. With our unique business model StaySafe caters equally to large and small investors.

The core concept of the StaySafe Project Financing Token is to build up portfolio of eco-friendly assets worldwide. The products and projects are built strategically with sustainable materials with high potential for long term income and growth.

The StaySafe Project Financing Tokens are issued as part of a fully regulated Security Token Offering (STO) and therefore offers an increased level of security for investors. With the Security Token investors receive a real share of the overall company that owns the assets and are therefore entitled to the profits generated.

The entity behind StaySafe Project Financing Tokens is StaySafe Building Technology, Inc., a Delaware company, which builds and manages smart tokens with a team of experts.

 Market Assessment

Investors have started eyeing the industry’s huge opportunities for profits made from owning security tokens.  Even the general press has recognized this trend and reports regularly on how security tokens are having a paradigm shift in investment assets.

The team behind the project financing tokenization recognized the sign of the times early on and the managers and teaming partners behind the business possess the necessary technical knowledge to capitalize on the opportunities of this growth market.

Similar to other capital intensive sectors, infrastructure financing constitutes a  huge challenge for market participants. Considering these circumstances, it is no wonder that only large investors in particular can afford an investment in infrastructure finance.

Advantages of StaySafe Project Financing Tokens:

High initial costs as well as ongoing monetary expenditures are not something owners of StaySafe Project Financing Tokens will have to worry about.  With our business model, even small sums are sufficient to participate in the lucrative infrastructure market. The share denominations are kept deliberately low so that even investors with a small budget can access the offer. This also facilitates successive later            purchases of tokens for the purposes of portfolio expansion.

 Technical know-how

Apart from monetary barriers to entering the market and the necessity to have an extensive network, technical know-how also constitutes a central challenge for investors. The necessary knowledge about project development, leasing, and maintaining assets together with corporate governess constitutes a basic requirement for market participants.

The StaySafe Project Financing Token team is aware of this challenge and has access to highly specialized and extremely well-trained personnel.  At the same time, we provide our services at an attractive price.

 Project Token Offerings

The market centered around Smart Tokens exhibits numerous barriers to entry which can be eliminated effectively by the StaySafe Project Financing Token. This innovative business concept opens this exclusive sector to a wider audience and offers everyone the option of benefiting from this burgeoning, billion-dollar market.  StaySafe Project Financing Tokens are not only designed for people who have the necessary capital and expertise but allows everyone to invest in the lucrative market. The establishment of a strategic portfolio of StaySafe Project Finance Tokens requires a corresponding capital base. This will be procured as part of the Project Financing Token Offering. The financial resources obtained in this manner merely constitute the starting point of the project. The goal is to constantly enlarge the number of projects and therefore increase the backing behind each StaySafe Project Financing Token.

What is a Security Token?

Security Tokens represent regulated investments and are treated as conventional securities by the respective regulatory authorities. Each Token represents a real share in the Special Purchase Vehicle Company formed specifically for each asset by StaySafe Building Technology, Inc.

Significance, Purchase, And Number Of Tokens

In order to open up the market to persons with smaller financial abilities as well, the      underlying capital stock of each asset is intentionally finely subdivided. At the same time, this allows individual budgets to be appropriately implemented.

The StaySafe Products Financing Tokens can be purchased directly on a secured blockchain.

Core Concept of The Staysafe Project Token

The capital accumulated as part of the Token Offering serves as the capital stock of each SPV formed, which is responsible for the building and management of the assets being developed. The experienced team behind StaySafe Project Financing Tokens will initiate all the necessary processes in order to ensure the fastest possible business operations after a successful Token Offering. The business model for StaySafe  Project Financing Tokens is subdivided into three sub- categories:

Building, Selling, or Leasing the Assets

The first stage represents a core business of StaySafe Building Technology and focuses on the development of sustainable infrastructure products. The aim is to build products with a high degree of sustainability and an inherent potential for stable income.

Positioning projects for income

Once a project is completed it is shipped to a location where it has been sold or rented. Obtaining optimal rental income is often increased by having a professional staff maintaining and managing the asset after the sale or rental.  The team behind the StaySafe Eco-Project Financing Tokens has the expertise and network to   carry out not only the sales or leasing of the products, but also the necessary maintenance of the assets.

Payment Of Profits

The StaySafe Project Financing Tokens are security tokens and represent a share of the total equity value of SPV selling or leasing the assets. The token holders are entitled to a share in the profits. If a profit distribution is decided, a payment corresponding to the shares held is made to the token holders. The payment will be announced in advance and thanks to the blockchain technology behind the Tokens, it can be tracked transparently at all times.

The Tokens are managed by StaySafe Building Technology, Inc. Due to the company’s managers many years of market experience, their wide- ranging economic and technical expertise and their direct insight into the strategic development of the tokens, the decision on the use of funds is in the hands of the company’s managers.

The decision to use the realized profits must be communicated to the investors immediately after the annual financial statements have been prepared. At the same time, the decision taken must be clearly justified.

In principle, there are two options in this respect:

  1. Payout of the profits to the investors
  2. Retention of profit for future maintenance and repairs to maintain maximize the value of the asset

 Benefit From Economies of Scale

StaySafe Building Technology specializes in the structuring of Tokens to help scale up the building of Projects for the infrastructure marketplace. Via the aggregation of the skills resulting within the organization and through our Teaming Partnerships, we believe extensive economies of scale can be realized which will contribute to profit maximization for StaySafe Project Financing Tokenholders.

Exclusive Offer For Staysafe Building Technology, Inc. Shareholders

StaySafe Building Technology plans to offer its investors exclusive deals for the financing of StaySafe Floating Villas.

Exclusive Events

With the expansion of StaySafe Project Financing Tokens, StaySafe Building Technology plans to organize events at regular intervals.  All StaySafe Project Financing Token Owners will receive the opportunity to attend these events in order to interact with like-minded people and establish new contacts.