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Ultra Luxury OFF-THE-GRID

We’ve made ultra luxury living on the water safer and cost effective

Owning an ultra luxury villa on the water is no longer a dream

A One-bedroom live/work Margarita Villa, a twelve-bedroom super villa, or a two story  office building…We can design and build your floating foundation and ship it to anywhere in the world.

Rethinking Home

Professionals are discovering that they can work from anywhere. And many are taking advantage of a retirement lifestyle by building resort homes. Modular villas combine coastal luxury with simple, cost-effective construction for a home or rental space to enjoy for years to come.

Built Offsite

Modular villas can be built, then shipped anywhere in the world

Weather Resistant

Hurricane, wind and moisture resistant construction

Portfolio Investment

Diversify your portfolio through villa investment

Off-site construction

StaySafe’s precasted raised and floating foundations, together with ultra luxury modular buildings allows most of the construction work to take place off-site.  Delivering the foundation and building modules to the site for final installation in near-completed condition greatly reduces your time to build and adds measurable commercial benefits.

Near the water, over the water, or in the water

StaySafe’s consulting approach starts at the conceptual stage and continues throughout the end of the building cycle. Our services include working with your architectural and your onsite general contractor to make your villa experience a seamless process.

Proprietary Raised and floating Foundation Details

Raised Foundation

Floating Barge Foundations

Our growing foot print

Currently we are working with multiple developers in all segments of our business. Active markets include:

  • Eleuthera, Bahamas

    Villas, Raised Foundations

  • Grand Bahama Island

    Raised Foundation Villas, Seawall and Floating Villas

  • San Salvador, Bahamas

    Raised Foundation Branded Villas, Seawalls, Docks & Floating Villas

  • Tennessee

    Raised Foundation Branded Villas, Hotel & Spa, seawalls and Floating Villas

  • Fort Myers, Florida

    Raised Foundation and Villas

  • Naples, Florida

    Raised Foundations and Villas

  • Miami

    Seawalls & Floating Villas

  • Fort Lauderdale

    Seawalls & Floating Villas

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