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Direct asset investment – StaySafe syndication Services


StaySafe Syndication Advisors work with  Real Estate Developers to raise capital online, using SEC compliant Self-Directed Offerings.

 As a real estate syndication advisor, we use the collective knowledge from over 300 transactions to properly underwrite, package and market a wide assortment of real estate development syndications spanning various sectors and geographies.

Specifically, we assist in: (i) underwriting projects (ii) developing various capital campaigns,(ii) structuring various financing alternatives, (iii) developing JV partnership programs, and syndication, under which companies can raise capital, using Regulation D 506 (c)  and (iv) preparing financial and marketing material in a manner that will help to achieve the conclusion of various financial transactions which are needed to finance the acquisition, construction and operation of the Issuer’s project.

Our work helps Issuers form relationships with investors that have accumulated billions of dollars in aggregate net worth from various industry sectors that often bring more than just capital to a transaction. 

Our mission is to help structure compelling investment opportunities aligned with our client’s strengths and competencies and get them to the closing table. 

We uniquely add value by harnessing the collective marketing, legal, real estate, and capital market knowledge of our network.  We are always looking for qualified Sponsors where we can help bring equity and debt to their deals.

StaySafe Building Technology supports Crowdfunding and SEC regulation D506(c) offerings.  One of the most interesting aspects of direct asset investing is the way in which projects get financed

  • We share information and intelligence to a select group of investors that look for stellar investment opportunities in infrastructure projects and real estate development.
  • If you believe in our  vision and want to help preserve natural resources, lower energy consumption, and  promote cultural heritage while enhancing social and economic benefits when a project is fully developed, you may want to position yourself to profit from our efforts and help improve our world for the next generation.

You can invest directly in:

(1) Materials– eco-friendly concrete

(2) Products– Seawalls, Raised slab foundations & off-grid luxury villas

(3) Real Estate– eco-friendly resorts

(4) Smart tokens

Why you can make humongous returns by investing at the project level 

There are relatively few dependable sources for capital when a project falls below the “Wall Street” level.  More importantly, there becomes a very interesting spread between the relative cost of capital from institutional investors and that of private investors.

This conundrum exist for about 95% of the projects that we become involved with.

Small and medium size real estate developers and managers regularly and consistently need capital.

Savvy investors are able to command high risk-adjusted returns by helping developers finance their projects.  We know this, because this is the world that we live in every day.

We have the good fortune of working with established developers and investors across the globe and, having been bankers and developers ourselves, we know the situation all too well. This is why we can help put together unique business opportunities.