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Learn how to pair your business with a progressive Native American RESERVATION to obtain grant money.

We start by researching and Identifying progressive Native American Reservations that have a history of supporting economic development and entrepreneurship. We look for reservations with initiatives, programs, or organizations that align with your company’s goals and values.

Build Relationships:
We help you establish relationships with key individuals and organizations within the selected reservation. This may include tribal leaders, economic development agencies, and community members. Attend tribal meetings, events, and forums to connect with the community and understand their needs.

Understand the Grant Landscape:
We help you familiarize yourself with the grant landscape for Native American reservations. We help you research the various grants available at the federal, state, and tribal levels. This may include grants from agencies like the U.S. Department of the Interior’s Bureau of Indian Affairs or the Indian Health Service.

Align Your Startup’s Goals:
We ensure that your startup’s mission and goals align with the priorities of the reservation you’re approaching. We help you highlight how your business can positively impact the reservation, create jobs, and contribute to the community’s well-being.

Develop a Proposal:
We work with the reservation’s leadership and community to develop a comprehensive proposal outlining how your startup can benefit the reservation. This will include a business plan, a budget, and a clear explanation of how the grant money will be used.

Seek Guidance and Support:
Seek advice and support from organizations or consultants experienced in working with Native American reservations and obtaining grants. They can provide valuable insights and assist in the grant application process.

Customize Your Approach:
We customize your approach for each reservation, as the needs and requirements may vary from one tribe to another. Respect the cultural and legal sensitivities of the specific tribe and engage in open and respectful communication.

Grant Application:
WE assist the reservation in preparing and submitting grant applications. We provide all necessary documentation and work closely with the tribal leaders and organizations to ensure a strong application.

Collaboration and Accountability:
If your grant application is successful, we work closely with you and the the reservation to implement your startup’s initiatives and demonstrate the positive impact.

Long-Term Commitment:
Building and maintaining a successful partnership with a Native American reservation is a long-term commitment. It’s essential to establish trust, demonstrate your commitment to the community, and work toward sustainable, mutually beneficial outcomes.

Keep in mind that working with Native American reservations requires sensitivity, cultural awareness, and respect for tribal sovereignty. It’s important to approach these partnerships with the goal of mutual benefit and respect for the unique traditions and priorities of each tribe.