Rethinking the way you live, work, and invest with StaySafe Eco-Project Financing Tokens

StaySafe can now help you finance off-grid vacation and remote work villas by designing a fully-compliant, fractional, tokenized ownership program- powered by blockchain.

Internet-based platforms such as Airbnb, have enable investors to better leverage the value of their rental property. Remote working has opened up a new source of revenue for real estate owners and passive investors. The direct connection of landlords to short-term tenants enables a more efficient use of the world’s resources, while providing diversity in revenue for investors.  Likewise, owners can now reduce the costs of syndication by offering investors smart-tokens that are easily bought and sold on a blockchain that provides some amount of liquidity to an illiquid industry.

Blockchains are positioned to be the next step for the technological innovation in the real estate industry.  Blockchains are becoming a tool for global value exchange and digital real estate asset representation is currently being proven.

As your consultant we specialize in helping clients structure self-directed online capital raises. Let us help you design a token offering.