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Our vision for better infrastructure

Many cities on our coasts and along our rivers are running out of land for expansion. High rise buildings are not the only solution.

Forward thinking architects are creating interesting designs and projects in coastal and river areas. New materials such as StaySafe’s high performing concrete (HPC) are being incorporated into local living concepts and offer absolute seawater resistance with extremely high strength.

Floating residential and industrial concepts can also be realized with high performing marine concrete and not just above water. The first underwater concepts have already been implemented worldwide with new hotel concepts.

strength in partnerships

Our team works with engineers and product manufacturers to provide the best quality materials needed for each project. By taking advantage of our supply chain network, we aim to create cost efficiencies for our clients.


Our Primary revenue Channels

US Municipal

Bridges, roads, dams, nuclear facilities, airports, railroads, seaports, flood control area

Marine Industry

Sea walls, docks, piers

Resort Developers

Seawalls, docks, raised slabs and modular buildings

Commercial Construction

High rise, tilt-up, structural, façade, fencing, and protective walls

Ultra Luxury Hotel and Residential Development

Foundations, and high-end modular buildings

Military & Law Enforcement

Protective walls and buildings


Our marine concrete doesn’t corrode or deteriorate in seawater, making it a great material to use in seawall and dock construction. 

Low Impact Design

StaySafe Concrete’s Low Impact Design (LID). reduces emissions and ground disturbance making construction cleaner and greener. When you choose StaySafe Concrete you lower the total cumulative carbon footprint of your project through reduced transportation needs, decreased Limits of Disturbance (LOD), smaller machinery for installation and transport, and reduced maintenance requirements.

Advanced Low Impact Design (LID) Seawalls

Our proprietary low impact designed corrosion-resistant seawall system saves time and provides a significant cost savings over the life of a project. 

Raised Concrete and steel Foundations

We build raised foundations to accommodate homes, commercial buildings and hotels.

Blast Technology and Ballistic Protection

Blast resistant SIP panels, forced entry resistant structures, armed enclosures and breaching technology & products

Blast Resistant Doors video

Benefits of our concrete products

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