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The Native American Capital Fund, LP (NACF) stands as a forward-looking investment fund with a steadfast commitment to not only achieving competitive financial returns but also propelling positive environmental and social change. Traditional private equity firms focus primarily on returns, giving little or no attention to the importance of also having a social impact. Our fund is strategically aligned with projects and companies that champion sustainability and drive visionary solutions. 

The Native American Capital Fund specializes in providing financial support and investment opportunities to Small and Medium-sized Enterprises (SMEs) with a focus on Native American communities. The fund’s mission is to promote economic development, job creation, and financial empowerment within Native American and Indigenous populations.

Key aspects of the Native American Capital Fund’s business include:

1. Growth Equity for SMEs: One of the primary functions of the fund is to provide growth equity capital to SMEs, particularly those owned and operated by Native American entrepreneurs or located within Native American reservations or communities. This support can come in the form of equity investments, which allow these businesses to expand, innovate, and create more job opportunities.

2.Investment in Distressed Assets: The fund also invests in distressed assets, which may include businesses or properties facing financial challenges. By injecting capital and strategic guidance, the fund helps these assets recover and thrive, thereby preserving jobs and revitalizing communities.

3. Real Estate Investments: The Native American Capital Fund extends its investment focus to real estate. This may involve acquiring and developing properties in and around Native American areas, supporting real estate projects that align with the fund’s mission, and contributing to the growth and improvement of housing and commercial infrastructure within Native American communities.

4. Community Development: Beyond purely financial returns, the fund is committed to fostering economic development within Native American communities. It aims to create positive social impact by strengthening local economies, improving living conditions, and reducing economic disparities. This can involve initiatives like workforce training and community engagement.

5.Cultural Sensitivity: The Native American Capital Fund operates with a strong commitment to cultural sensitivity and respect for Native American traditions and values. This involves collaborating closely with local community leaders and organizations, as well as incorporating cultural considerations into their investment decisions and strategies.

6.Long-Term Vision: The fund’s approach may be geared toward long-term investment and development, aiming to build sustainable economic opportunities and a lasting positive impact on Native American communities.

The Native American Capital Fund plays a crucial role in addressing economic disparities and promoting growth within Native American populations. By providing equity investments to SMEs, investing in distressed assets, and participating in real estate projects, the fund contributes to economic development and empowerment, ultimately improving the quality of life for Native American individuals and communities.

Investment Focus:

  1. Green Energy and EVs: We intend to allocate a portion of our funds to support the development and expansion of renewable energy sources. Additionally, we plan to invest in companies manufacturing electric vehicles and associated technologies to accelerate the transition towards a low-carbon transportation sector.
  2. Sustainable Green Buildings: Our fund recognizes the paramount importance of sustainable infrastructure. We plan to invest in projects prioritizing energy efficiency, utilizing eco-friendly construction materials, and incorporating innovative designs to create environmentally responsible buildings and communities.
  3. Responsible Tourism: Sustainable tourism is another cornerstone of our investment strategy. We actively seek opportunities in the hospitality and tourism sectors that promote cultural awareness, minimize environmental impact, and foster local economic growth.
  4. Onshoring Initiatives: We lend our support to businesses looking to bring their operations back to local communities, thereby promoting job creation and reducing the environmental footprint associated with global supply chains.
  5. Collaboration with Native American Indian Reservations: We are deeply committed to forming strategic partnerships with Native American Indian Reservations. Our goal is to collaborate on projects that not only respect and honor their cultural heritage but also provide economic opportunities through sustainable initiatives and government support.
  6. Equity in Derivative Trading: A team of experienced Wall Street traders use their expertise to significantly increase overall returns while safeguarding capital reserves.


Collaborative Initiative Opportunity

Collaboration with Native American Indian Reservations represents a pioneering initiative dedicated to stimulating economic development, cultivating sustainable opportunities, and generating substantial social impact within Native American Indian Reservations. This distinctive endeavor unites Native American tribes with carefully selected private companies, creating a synergistic partnership that accrues benefits to both parties while effecting profound change within tribal communities. In stark contrast to conventional private equity firms, NACF has honed a unique and innovative approach to sourcing deals and investing within these distinctive communities. This approach is grounded in an appreciation of the unique challenges and opportunities intrinsic to these communities.

The fund has established a crucial and mutually beneficial relationship with StaySafe Building Technology, Inc., which plays a pivotal role as a key strategic partner. This partnership is invaluable as it grants our fund access to StaySafe’s extensive network and a wealth of expertise in collaborating with tribal communities. One of the standout advantages of our association with StaySafe Building Technology, Inc. is their deep-rooted connections within tribal communities. Over the course of more than two decades, StaySafe’s management team has diligently fostered relationships with tribal members and tribal economic advisors. This extensive tribal network has evolved into a powerful asset, affording our fund a unique and unparalleled reach across a broad spectrum of over 200 tribes spanning various geographic regions. 

The significance of this network cannot be overstated. It enables our fund to engage with tribal communities in a manner that is sensitive, informed, and culturally aware. StaySafe’s longstanding presence and trust within these communities provide a gateway for our fund to initiate meaningful dialogues, collaborations, and investments. Furthermore, the wealth of knowledge and expertise StaySafe’s team has accrued over the years empowers us to navigate the complexities of working with tribal entities effectively.

Portfolio Diversity and Deal Structuring Expertise: NACF boasts a seasoned team with a profound understanding of supporting a diversified portfolio of companies spanning various sectors, including real estate, infrastructure, tourism, housing technology, renewable energy, and more. The firm acknowledges that a well-rounded portfolio can help mitigate risks and enhance returns. Furthermore, NACF’s adept team excels in structuring deals across all phases of the investment process, from comprehensive due diligence to astute negotiation, financing arrangement, and equitable stakeholder consideration. Their expertise proves invaluable in addressing the intricate regulatory and legal considerations inherent in investments within and around Native American reservations.