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Opportunities in Global housing and Infastructure Repair and Development

We are developing products and building systems that help support a safer and more sustainable infrastructure 

Together, with our  Teaming Partners, we provide very competitive pricing with the training and engineering assistance necessary to complete all types of infrastructure work.


  • We believe that the business world is evolving from an era of competition to an era of collaboration. 
  •  For many of our Teaming Partners we also serve as a collaborative IPO for businesses that don’t want to take on debt or have an indicative mindset to focus on better solutions, rather than raising capital to grow their companies.
  •  As entrepreneurs we trust our Teaming Partners to do what is right to add value to clients and shareholders. It is our belief that you get better results when entrepreneurs have control, rather than a centralized command and control strategy.
  • When Teaming Partners trust each other, it allows them to move fast and make quicker decisions, which gives us a competitive advantage over big corporations.     
  • We work with top small businesses in the construction and manufacturing space where we can provide value by offering them a solution that few others can. Together will our operating partners we function as a TED (total equity deal) with a debt-free platform that allows us to grow and scale businesses as needed, along with the autonomy to operate in the way that the owners feel is best for them- without taking on any debt financing.
  • Iyou are interested in becoming a Teaming Partner  Contact: Kyle Meyer [email protected]

The worldwide increase in the upper and middle classes provides an opportunity for SMEs and Investors to capitalize on infrastructure development for decades to come.

Of the largest 100 cities in the world only 10 are in the US, and of the cities with a population of 10 million or more, 30 are in Asia, including 15 in China and six in India and only two in the US.

In todays new lending landscape, opportunities abound for private capital to fill the vacancy left by stricter banking regulations and high government deficits.  Helping companies and municipalities finance infrastructure projects with creative solutions can be a key differentiator when securing new projects.