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Why investors can make humongous returns Buying Presales at the pre-construction level

One of the most interesting aspects of investing in a private real estate development is the way in which a project gets financed

There are relatively few dependable sources for capital when a project falls below the “Wall Street” level.  More importantly, there becomes a very interesting spread between the relative cost of capital from institutional investors and that of private investors. This conundrum exist for about 95% of the entrepreneurs that we deal with small and medium size real estate developers and managers regularly and consistently need outside equity. Savvy investors that play on the fringe are able to command high risk-adjusted returns by helping developers finance their projects.  I know this, because this is the world that we live in every day. We have the good fortune of working with established developers and investors around the world and, being developers ourselves, we know the situation all too well. This is why we have put together a Direct Asset -Presales Platform. With Direct Asset Investing you can get yourself closer to your money. You can pick and choose projects you like, visit the sites and meet the people involved.  We welcome you to take a look under the hood.